Masterlist/archive of works shared on the interwebs

Because I seem to post my writing everywhere and nowhere at once. 

Do not let them tell you – poetry – march 2014

“Do not let them tell you: ‘you’re not like other Malay girls’”

brown – poetry – april 2014

“No melanin allowed.”

A Little Silhouetto of a Man – fiction short story – april 2014

“On the first of March, Sam and Diana leave Singapore for Seoul despite the whispers of a mysterious virus spreading around the globe. Everybody is in denial that the virus turns people into zombies. Some call them “Cannibals”, others “The Infected”. Sam simply chooses to say them, italics expressed through the dip of his tone and the narrowing of his eyes hidden behind thick glasses. Diana thinks he’s being an idiot. Jihye agrees. Aida just wants to go home.”

keratin, melanin, and everything in between – non-fiction short story – november 2014

“or, the story of how my brother and I grew into our own hair (and skin)”

wander lust – fiction short story – april 2015

For those who find one foot in one world, and the other foot in another. For Malay girls who get mistaken as everything else on a regular basis, who find it so hard to fit into the majority but at the same time, so hard to fit into the community that is deemed as yours too. For every single time you find yourself overcompensating with exaggerated Singlish, insertions of Mandarin into your speech and finding something vegetarian to eat in a non-halal restaurant with your Chinese friends. And for all those other times when you attempt minahspeak around your relatives and cousins just so you wouldn’t feel left out in your own family.


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